Monday, 9 October 2017

Sometimes it may feel like you have gotten all the possible wear out of one of your fave items and it feels like maybe it's time to resign hope and ditch it. However it doesn't always have to be goodbye for certain items which perhaps just need a little added va va voom to them. One item in particular that can be turned into a timeless classic is the LBD // Little Black Dress. There are so many ways to create different looks with LBD's from changing up your accessories to creating whole new looks altogether with different items of clothing. Today I am going to show you three of my favourite ways to wear this gorgeous NICCE essential black dress.


When in doubt. Add something that will make your outfit into a statement. Make it bang with a bold shirt like this ruffled sleeve pinstriped shirt I picked up on my travels in Thailand. I love this look because it is so so effortless yet it really does step the dress up to a whole other level. Shirts like these are super easy to find - check out MissPap especially as I know they have various styles of these ruffle sleeved wrap shirts! Aldso this look is so good for coming into Autumn as some days it's still not that cold so instead of opting for a light Jacket try this version instead. 


There are two trends I am particularly loving right now. Trucker jackets and Baker Boy hats. Well there's actually a whole load of trends I am loving right now, Grey Blazers, Straight cut jeans, Red patent boots and so the list goes on. Trucker jackets (Yellow and Red in particular) are definitely a must have for me right now though (Missgiuded do some very nice ones may I add). So if you want to up the ante on your LBD why not dress it up with some seasonal trends.

Plus with winter right around the corner if you want to still be able to rock a short dress then these added layers will definitely make it more acceptable to do so.

A baker boy hat makes the perfect finishing touch as these are hot on trend right now and the perfect seasonal item. Plus there's something about a baker boy hat, little black dress and an oversized trucker jacket which looks so right. 


Last up the final look we have is just sticking to the classic LBD. No over the top accessories (well except maybe the heart shaped sunglasses) just plain and simple. I like to think of this look as a bit of a homage to the queen Dua Lipa. Slick backed hair, tinted sunnies and some simple jewellery has got me feeling the New Rules singers vibes.

Great for a night on the town or cocktails with friends this look is perfect for making you feel sophisticated and a hell of a lot sassy. Plus it's edgy style means you can opt for comfort with a pair of trainers or make it a bit more classic with some heels. I love the back detailing on this dress also as it's quite simplistic yet takes the dress from being just a plain black item to something a bit more...snazzy.

There are so many ways to style an LBD which is what makes it such a versatile staple item to have in the wardrobe. This gorgeous NICCE Clothing dress is also a great investment piece as at just £28 not only is it a dress you can style to many occasions but it's affordable too!



Wednesday, 4 October 2017


 It feels like an absolute decade since I've used an Avon product, and with my recent rekindling of love for lipstick what better time then to try out some of the shades in the new #mymark Liquid Lacquer range. I was honestly blown away by how good these little gems were and they have become a firm favourite in my makeup collection. 

The range holds 24 different bold and vibrant beautiful shades of both matte and shine lipsticks and they are currently on offer at Avon for just £7.00! With Vinyl being all the rage this Autumn the shine shades are definitely a great accessory for Autumnal looks or if you are looking for a nice comfortable creamy velvet then the mattes are just right for you. 

Liquid lipsticks are my most preferable form of lipstick and seem to be the type I use the most. I find they have way more hold power than bullet lipsticks and smudge a lot less which is ideal when you are always on the go. Plus what I love the most about these in particular are that they are so compact that I can always carry more than one with me.


These Liquid Lacquers are more on the smaller size compared to some however that doesn't stop them from being one hundred percent price worthy. Plus who doesn't love an item which can fit easily away into any handbag or clutch. With a teardrop applicator the wands provide  a great precision application which is key when it comes to liquid lipsticks. There's nothing worse when you are trying to apply in a hurry and you have an awkward applicator.


These new #mymark beauties boast to have a magnet-lock technology which locks the lipstick to your lips all day. The formula does not dry matte on your lips however that doesn't stop it from looking like a gorgeous true matte lipstick. There is a slight creaminess to them which you can feel when you smack your lips together and this means they feel super moisturising throughout the day. Plus it has a built in primer which not only creates a flawless finish but also keeps that colour on lock down. 


Currently I am wearing 'Head Turner' which I have had on for about 4 hours so far. As the lipstick doesn't completely dry it does mean I have lost some of it to my coffee cup however there is still a beautiful colour left on my lips. The colour payout itself is highly pigmented and each shade that I have tried so far is packed with full coverage high impact hues. I am not a huge fan of pink lipsticks however the reds, purples and nudes are all gorgeous shades which will suit so well for my Autumn wardrobe! After four hours of wear it has not bled or feathered and as previously mentioned the colour is long lasting for sure. The only downside I can really see is that the lipstick doesn't dry completely so perhaps kissing is a no no unless the other person doesn't mind wearing some too...

So there we have it, the latest range from Avon's mark brand is an absolute hit in my eyes and 'Dare to Bare' has already quickly become my every day lipstick which is a bold statement coming from this recent lipstick recluse. 

*These products were gifted to me for reviewing purposes however all thoughts are my own


Saturday, 30 September 2017


There's nothing I appreciate more than a big 'ole plate of food. Well okay, there are lots of things I appreciate in life more perhaps BUT food is definitely up there. And why the hell not I mean at the end of the day it's the sustenance of life right.

As the nights set in and Summer is ripped away from us just as quickly as it lasted, I am conscious that the abundance of enjoyable day activities is now at a bare minimum. What is there to do now that the weather is gloomy and the days are too cold to be outside. Well there is one thing to do, eat and drink. 

I am picking back up on a venture I started earlier this year to discover the many hidden gems Suffolk has to offer, however this time around I am focusing more on good food places. So to start off my new (old but new) chapter of my blog I headed to The Grazing Sheep which can be found on Ipswich Waterfront. 

The day in question is a nice warm Sunday morning and after about an hour of lazing in bed we decided we fancied a deliciously cooked breaky which involved us doing minimal work. So off to the Waterfront we wandered to try out a nice little cafe which a friend had recommended. If there's one thing that can be said, Ipswich has a scarcity of cute (Instagram worthy - yes I said it I'm a basic bitch) places of interest so when my friend pointed out this place I was mega keen to try it out as I especially love ascetically pleasing interiors. And that's exactly what the Grazing Sheep is

There's not a huge amount I can say when it comes to writing the food part of the review as I think the pictures speak a thousand words for themselves. Especially as I'm sure no one really wants a full low down on how each part of the meal tasted. All I can tell you is that the food was absolutely delicious and well worth the price of £8.00 for a full English Breakfast. Drinks weren't included however this is probably a privilege in few places anyway. I got myself a Latte and Ollie got himself a Green Juice which I definitely stole a sip of and can safely say was totally yum. 

The cafe has a lovely outside area which is where most people chose to sit that morning as it was so warm (shock) leaving the upstairs area nice and quiet for us to explore. This floor is full of rustic wood and metal tables which is pretty trendy right now in the interior world and cosy colourful scattered cushions were plentiful. 

The pricing is really affordable, I have been to several London cafes before which have charged me well over £10.00 for a cooked breakfast. Although we may not be in London it's still nice to be able to find places which don't charge an absolute arm and a leg for good food in a nice surrounding. Of course a Full English wasn't the only breakfast item on the menu  with other options such as Eggs on toast readily available. Plus they offer an amazing selection of wholesome Lunches and bakery items which look very very good on their website.  

So if you live local to Ipswich and you're looking for a new coffee/breakfast/lunch joint then I highly recommend The Grazing Sheep. With its enticing rustic interiors and it's delicious good food it's definitely an absolute gem in the heart of Suffolk. Plus it's upstairs has a lovely view of the marina which is a real added bonus.


Monday, 25 September 2017


I've recently fallen out of the habit with wearing lipstick. Not intentionally, never intentionally. My love for lipstick is a never ending affair and if I am not still wearing bold reds by the time I'm 80 I will be severely disappointed.

However in the duration of Summer I became a little lazy. Okay a lot. I decided that in the humidity of the weather I could not be bothered with the upkeep of wearing make-up everyday as dealing with constant melty face is far too much hassle.

Luckily though I have something to bring me out of that funk, the release of #VelvetTheLipstick by Bourjois Paris. A beautiful range of 12 buttery yet powerful lipsticks (for just £8.99!!) to cater for every look you could possibly want. Hello 'Brunette' I am looking at you to get me through most of Autumn. How could I possibly feel lazy about Lipstick now that I have so many gorgeous shades to play around with! 

So first things first, lets talk packaging. The packaging of a product is the very first thing you see obviously and if the product has likeable aesthetics then I for one am certainly more easily persuadable to it (calling mr vain). One of the key features of the rouge velvets is that the colour of each lipsticks case is the actual shade of the lipstick making them so easy to identify. Gone are the days of me rooting through my make-up drawers checking the labels on the bottom of lipsticks trying to find a certain colour!

Removal of the lid reveals the tear-drop shape of the lipstick which is another favourite feature of mine. I love this shape as it makes it nice and easy to apply. The narrow point of the tear-drop means it's great for precision application especially around the cupids bow area. Perfect for on the go reapplications!

The first thing you notice when you go to apply the lipstick is quite a strong scent. I can't quite put my finger on what it smells like, it's not unpleasant but it's not like a nice fragrance either. However this is not a problem as I said the smell is not unpleasant and quickly fades too meaning it is unnoticeable after application. The formula is very buttery and allows the lipstick to comfortably glide across your lips. I've found with some lipsticks they feel a lot dryer when applying and cause a dragging effect however this is definitely not the case with the rouge velvets. As I write this I am wearing 'Hey Nude' at work and have had it on for about 4 hours now. 

The stay power is very good, not perfect but definitely good. After about five cups of tea, there has been understandably some wear however the colour is very much still there. A reapplication will be needed probably at lunchtime to freshen up, but this is common with so many lipsticks. The one thing I have definitely noticed is how soft and moisturised my lips still feel even though I've had it on for a few hours now. The lipstick has no drying out effects and remains soft with a nice matte appearance throughout.

Sometimes when it comes to lipsticks with soft buttery formulas the colour pay-offs can have a little less impact then desired. The beauty of the Velvet's is that this is pretty much the opposite. I found all shades to be highly pigmented giving beautiful bold colours right down to the nude shades. A huge array of colours is offered in this range of twelve lipsticks from plum hued browns to juicy corals which means you are covered for all occasions! 

When applying the lipstick you might be surprised by how it looks a little satin at first glance however as the lipstick dries it gradually turns into a lovely comfortable matte (not a mega liquid lipstick kind of matte though definitely think more satin matte). Although I found the formula nice and moisturising on my lips I found that, as we all should know by now, it worked best on lips which had been previously moisturised (with my favourite Burts bees balm) before application.

So as I just previously touched upon there is a big range of colours when it comes to the Velvet range. I love lipstick collections which can offer me shades which are perfect for different occasions. Whether it be wearing a nice nude for a day at the office or an autumnal wine red for a night of cocktails with friends, this collection definitely covers all areas for me. I've swatched these colours over a period of time so unfortunately haven't colour categorised these so apologies!

So Peach is certainly in right now (Urban Outfitters do a lovely peach bedspread which people are going crazy for) which means this shade is pretty trendy. It's quite a vibrant shade but the orange is a lovely soft colour and I really like wearing this for little day trips out. It makes me feel quite summery so I will probably use it a lot when I go to Thailand!

Fuchsia Botte 
This is a very powerful pink which has some serious blue tones to it. This pink is the power suit of all lipsticks. I think with it's bold colour it would be great for statement looks and nights out.

Hey Nude 
Now this is a colour I call an every-day-go-to shade as it is just a perfect neutral tone which you can dress anything with. I wear this shade a lot at the office as it's not too over the top but still makes me feel well presented. It's quite a beige toned nude and really wearable!

is a much warmer light pink which is a really nice dusty rose colour. Another great colour for everyday wear I like to think of this lipstick as a go to fuss free day time lipstick . This is a nice transitional evening colour as well as it's not too neutral but also not too bold.

This shade is going to be absolute Autumn life saver for me. When we think of this season we think of crunchy leaves on the floor, conkers literally everywhere and of course your classic Pumpkin spiced lattes. This colour perfectly reflects those brown tones which just scream Autumn Autumn Autumn. 

Joli Carmin'ois
Is exactly what it says on the tin. A fun and vibrant orange toned red which definitely is going to be worn this Halloween whilst carving Pumpkins. Gotta colour co-ordinate you know!

Hip Hip Pink

A nice little medium shade pink which is great for everyday wear much like the other pinks in this range. 

Berry Formidable 
Hello my new December colour. Much like the name this shade has me thinking of mulled wine and winter berries which is making me feel very Christmassy. Did someone say only 91 sleeps until Christmas day?! This is a lovely deep darker shade of red and perfect for making a statement during the day or wearing as a lovely little evening red for a date night or something similar.

Rubi's Cute
Has made it into my firm favourites list and not just because I also love the name. This red a true wow factor classic red. Think statement. Think Pillar box. Think bold and powerful. I think I will be pairing this shade with my new topshop trousers quite a lot.

Okay so Bourjois are really killing it with the names right now, I can't cope. Everyone loves a well thought out lipstick name. This is another berry shade which is a deeper more wine purple compared to the Berry formidable. Definitely another Autumn contender which will look lovely this season.

Hyppink Chic
A real rosy pink which I have totally fallen in love with. This shade is really nice for glowly looks I think as it's not too harsh and gives your skin a lovely luminous look.

Flaming Rose
To finish up my swatches is this natural pink which is just a tad darker and pinker than the Hey Nude shade. On me this shade did look a lot pinker but in the photo it looks quite nude. I would say it's a medium between the Hey Nude and the Hip hip Pink. Another perfect shade however for day-to-day wear!

 So there we have it huns, the latest edition to the Bourjois range is a definite hit! The great range of shades means that I can easily transition from Summer to Autumn and I also have plenty of colours to look forward to using this Winter too. Has anyone else tried this range yet, what are your thoughts?

*This was kindly gifted to me via Influenster for reviewing purposes*