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My Instagram feed is currently over flowing with beautiful blossom trees at the moment which means Spring has well and truly sprung. So when these brighter seasons set in there is only one thing to do in life: Spring Clean! Whether it's your house, your wardrobe or your makeup bag a good spring clean is a great way to have a freshen up. 

Recently I decided it was time to try and add some new items to my everyday makeup bag as I had gotten stuck using my same old favourites day in day out. So whilst browsing the NYX stall in Boots I came across the NYX HD Concealer. A favourite among many beauty bloggers it is known as a holy grail concealer and dupe for the much loved Nars radiant creamy concealer. Which is of course about three times the price of this handy little guy. Win win. 

So what I love about this concealer is not only is the price tag super duper affordable but also it has a great lasting coverage. Filled with an emollient rich formula this product can be used well for both covering imperfections and contouring. My main use for it is definitely an every day under the eye concealer as I love the thick coverage you get from it without a cakey finish. Set with a good powder on top this concealer can last easily all day and is great for hiding those imperfections you don't want people to see. My only complaint really is that the bottle could do with being a bit bigger! I want more of it!! At least it's nice and cheap though so you don't feel bad about buying a few at one time.

Altogether I can't really think of anything negative to say about this product, the doe foot applicator makes it nice and easy to apply, the coverage is great and the stay power is perfect for day to day wear. Plus they come in a good variety of shades for different skin tones with the addition of three colour correcting shades. Green is great for counteracting redness, Yellow for those pesky dark under eye circles and Lavender for sallow skin. Fancy a try? Shop below 👇

Has anyone else tried the NYX HD concealer? What are your thoughts?


As April begins to set in and the weather is starting to nicely warm up, it dawned on me that these are going to be the last few months of being 25. It's a funny old age because not only is it the marker for a quarter of a century but also it seems to be seen as that little hurdle towards adulthood. I've always kind of viewed life with a complete disregard for ages, to me it has always been a figure but I do admit that as each year passes I am realising that my responsibilities are changing. 

I now live with my boyfriend and although we rent we do want to eventually buy which means saving for a deposit. Before that even happens we would also like to travel America and in fact have already started planning our 3 month trip starting from San Francisco to finish in Miami. Though these are exciting times ahead it does mean my frivolous spending needs to come to a stop (wipes away small tear) and now it's time to get my adulting head on. 

So with these final months drawing in I have decided to make the most of my inner wild child and enjoy these sacred moments of being 25 with some things I have never done before. Not that once you pass this age you have to be boring and old but for me I need to definitely start seriously thinking about saving for my future goals and this means cutting down on needless expenditures. So here are a few of my plans in my countdown to 26...


It has been a very long time since I enjoyed a city break anywhere, so this was something long overdue. In fact I am a little late in writing up this post so it was actually just this weekend gone that Ollie and I ventured over to Dublin to see some Irish magic as neither of us have been here before. I got this trip as a Christmas present to Ollie and part of the trip was to watch some Premier League Darts. I have never really watched darts before but I have to say it wasn't half bad at all. The atmosphere was nothing like I had seen before people were dancing, jumping and singing it was such a laugh! You definitely don't need to know much about darts to have a good time. Plus seeing Dublin was lovely and we got to do lots of little tours like the Guinness storehouse so I'll definitely have to do a separate post on our adventures!

I actually used to live in the Lake District and spent most of my childhood here so mountains and lakes is something I am definitely used to. However I have never been to the Peak District before so this will be a first. Plus I am going with people from work which is a whole new thing as I've never been on a trip away with work Colleagues before. The plan is to stay in some old converted stables and enjoy some mountain walking and old english pubs! Canne wait!

So although I have been to weddings before they have all been when I was around the age of 6 and therefore I really don't have much recollection. This year however I get the pleasure of seeing one my good friends get married and she is the first out of my friends to get engaged so it's a totally new experience. Plus it's a sign that we are entering new chapters in our lives - I remember the days that she and I used to sneak Alcohol into our college summer balls and now she's getting married! How time flies! It's in June, a lovely Summer wedding so I hope the weather is gorgeous for them!

Last but not least is possibly one of the most exciting events leading up to my birthday - GLASTOO. I have been dying to go to Glastonbury since forever and a day and I am so chuffed this year that my friends and I got tickets. I am slightly worried my body might not be able to handle 4 days drinking on the trot BUT I will give it everything I've got haha. Sadly I am not as hard as my uni days...




Has anyone else got any exciting plans/trips/festivals for this year? Let me know below 👇☺


For the majority of my lifetime I would say I have really neglected to understand the importance of skin care and how your daily routines really can affect it. Now of course I know things like diet are a huge factor and I have always tried my best to maintain a good skincare routine but if I am truly honest with myself I have been slacking big time on this area of my life. Being blessed with Thai heritage has meant that my skin has always been quite clear which then meant I became rather lazy with really understanding the benefits of good skincare. Not until my later years when I began wearing makeup everyday and eating those naughty treats we all know we shouldn't did I begin to realise that I needed to counteract these habits if I didn't want to suffer from breakouts. One of my worst habits in fact is wearing too much heavy makeup whilst exercising. The heavy coverage I use for my foundations clogs up my pores meaning when I then sweat during exercise my skin is totally congested and over time I end up with several blackheads. So when Preen.Me got in touch about joining the #MyFaceMyStory experience with Dermalogica UK I knew this was something I had had had to do as my skin care routine needed a serious kick up the beehind 🐝. The first step involved heading to my nearest beauty salon to receive a Dermalogica Face Mapping® Skin Analysis which is a free service. I received a prescription sheet from the salon which simply outlined what areas of my face needed tending too and what products will help and I then forwarded this on to Preen.Me. Within a matter of days I then received the suggested products ready for me to put to the test! From my skin analysis it was easy to see that I suffered from blackheads and breakouts particularly around my chin area. To help combat this one of the products I received was the Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier which targets troublesome areas and reduces congestion. This is definitely something I am excited to see what results I get with as I mentioned above I definitely think congestion is something I have trouble with. So now it's time to test each product over the next few weeks and see how well I get on. There will definitely be a very in depth review to watch out for!

Does anyone else use Dermalogica for their skincare, what are your thoughts?



*This post contains PR Gift/Samples however all opinions are my own


Before entering into my mid twenties I would say perhaps the boldest style statement I ever made was having red highlights in my hair during Year 10 of school. Or maybe that phase I went through in 2010 of wearing very floral lace tights with every outfit. Apart from these fabulous phases in my life, I haven't really stepped much out of my fashion comfort zone however.


Truth is though it's not that I didn't want to buy that skin tight catsuit I spied in Topshop or that very VERY bold print shirt I almost popped in my basket at Zara. I was just not sure I believed I could pull it off. There was a slight tingle of nerves inside of me thinking perhaps people would stare at my slightly bold outfit choice. However how naive I was back then to think all this in the first place. One thing I have learnt, this year in particular, is that Fashion is an art. 

Whilst watching the fascinating documentary style film, The Last Monday in May I was so intrigued to listen to Anna Wintour and other fashion experts discuss the concept of whether fashion should be allowed to be defined as an art. Which got me thinking what I thought on the matter. Truth is I completely agree that it is, because fashion is not only visual and expressive but it's also a way of conveying your character. If you see an item you love, no matter how bold it is, how bright it's colour may be. If you picked it up in the first place it's because you liked it and if you like it why shouldn't you wear it? This item is a reflection of you, because what you like is who you are. And god damn gurl isn't it fun to show off the very best of you

So here's to stepping into Spring with a new attitude in mind to go ahead and buy those clothes I never thought about wearing before because if I like it in the first place then what's stopping me from wearing it? Like this bright mustard sweater I picked up or my new purple hair? Can you believe that this is the first yellow item of clothing I have ever owned? Here's to lots more bold additions to the wardrobe in 2017!



Happy Spring you beautiful bunch.

I am SO glad to see some sunshine finally poke it's head out from behind those gloomy grey clouds we've been seeing far too much of recently. I feel like us bloggers particular yearn for the sunshine as not only do we of course love feeling them rays but also FINALLY some good natural lighting. Hello good photo taking opportunities and goodbye cramming in hours of bulk photo taking on the weekends. 🙋

I was lucky enough to receive the brand new Lash Alert Mascara from Eyeko London this month which was  perfect as with the arrival of Spring it was time to give my makeup bag a freshen up. Eyeko are well renowned in the beauty industry as a top quality brand and have had the likes of fashionista, Alexa Chung collab with them - so of course I was overjoyed to get to test out one of their new products.

Being a gal who suffers from lashes that lack a certain lustre I am currently on the hunt for a mascara that can bring my lifeless lashes some va va voom. So as I had a scan of the ingredients I was impressed to read that one of them was caffeine to stimulate a perkier and more awake lash look. Not only was it packed with lifting goodness but it also contains; nourishing Shea Butter, repairing amino acids and Biotin to help thicken those lashes!

My own experience with this mascara was so positive, I adore how easy this is to apply with it's curved applicator, the formula has no build up whatsoever so you can avoid getting a clogged up brush. Plus it is great at separating my lashes which is the most vital thing for me as I love that voluminous defined lash look. Hello super cute fluttery lashes.

The thing I love the most about this mascara however is the one thing that makes it so so different to other products, the packaging. This amazing innovative idea to package the mascara in a squeezy tube means no wastage and therefore getting the absolute most of the product. Hell yes. For a very reasonable price of just £19 this mascara is available online. I know it's not quite the price of drugstore products however for the quality, formula and packaging this price is very fair. Shop the mascara here:

* This post contains a PR/Gift sample however all thoughts are my own