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Before entering into my mid twenties I would say perhaps the boldest style statement I ever made was having red highlights in my hair during Year 10 of school. Or maybe that phase I went through in 2010 of wearing very floral lace tights with every outfit. Apart from these fabulous phases in my life, I haven't really stepped much out of my fashion comfort zone however.


Truth is though it's not that I didn't want to buy that skin tight catsuit I spied in Topshop or that very VERY bold print shirt I almost popped in my basket at Zara. I was just not sure I believed I could pull it off. There was a slight tingle of nerves inside of me thinking perhaps people would stare at my slightly bold outfit choice. However how naive I was back then to think all this in the first place. One thing I have learnt, this year in particular, is that Fashion is an art. 

Whilst watching the fascinating documentary style film, The Last Monday in May I was so intrigued to listen to Anna Wintour and other fashion experts discuss the concept of whether fashion should be allowed to be defined as an art. Which got me thinking what I thought on the matter. Truth is I completely agree that it is, because fashion is not only visual and expressive but it's also a way of conveying your character. If you see an item you love, no matter how bold it is, how bright it's colour may be. If you picked it up in the first place it's because you liked it and if you like it why shouldn't you wear it? This item is a reflection of you, because what you like is who you are. And god damn gurl isn't it fun to show off the very best of you

So here's to stepping into Spring with a new attitude in mind to go ahead and buy those clothes I never thought about wearing before because if I like it in the first place then what's stopping me from wearing it? Like this bright mustard sweater I picked up or my new purple hair? Can you believe that this is the first yellow item of clothing I have ever owned? Here's to lots more bold additions to the wardrobe in 2017!



Happy Spring you beautiful bunch.

I am SO glad to see some sunshine finally poke it's head out from behind those gloomy grey clouds we've been seeing far too much of recently. I feel like us bloggers particular yearn for the sunshine as not only do we of course love feeling them rays but also FINALLY some good natural lighting. Hello good photo taking opportunities and goodbye cramming in hours of bulk photo taking on the weekends. 🙋

I was lucky enough to receive the brand new Lash Alert Mascara from Eyeko London this month which was  perfect as with the arrival of Spring it was time to give my makeup bag a freshen up. Eyeko are well renowned in the beauty industry as a top quality brand and have had the likes of fashionista, Alexa Chung collab with them - so of course I was overjoyed to get to test out one of their new products.

Being a gal who suffers from lashes that lack a certain lustre I am currently on the hunt for a mascara that can bring my lifeless lashes some va va voom. So as I had a scan of the ingredients I was impressed to read that one of them was caffeine to stimulate a perkier and more awake lash look. Not only was it packed with lifting goodness but it also contains; nourishing Shea Butter, repairing amino acids and Biotin to help thicken those lashes!

My own experience with this mascara was so positive, I adore how easy this is to apply with it's curved applicator, the formula has no build up whatsoever so you can avoid getting a clogged up brush. Plus it is great at separating my lashes which is the most vital thing for me as I love that voluminous defined lash look. Hello super cute fluttery lashes.

The thing I love the most about this mascara however is the one thing that makes it so so different to other products, the packaging. This amazing innovative idea to package the mascara in a squeezy tube means no wastage and therefore getting the absolute most of the product. Hell yes. For a very reasonable price of just £19 this mascara is available online. I know it's not quite the price of drugstore products however for the quality, formula and packaging this price is very fair. Shop the mascara here:

* This post contains a PR/Gift sample however all thoughts are my own


Hello love bugs.

Today I am steering away from my usual fashion and beauty orientated posts to discuss how I FINALLY did the big change over from having a blogger hosted site to my very own domain name! This is something that has been a long time coming to be honest as it’s been well over a year since I first began my blog.

I started my blog in October 2015 however it took me awhile to find my feet and I would say my blog didn’t really begin running until early 2016. Finding the perfect balance between working a full time job, running a weekly blog and managing full time social media accounts was quite daunting at first. I didn’t feel ready to embrace all the fine details needed for my blog site just yet as I wanted to first of all find my place in the blogosphere, establish myself and my content and then think about the finer details like having my own domain name.

In my eyes (though perhaps still quite inexperienced) I don’t think having my site name as natashatodd.blogspot.co.uk held me back in any way. Over the course of 2016 I worked with some amazing brands and got plenty of opportunities to socialise with other bloggers which really made 2016 an incredible starting point for my blog. For me now I knew it was finally the right time as I had settled into a good routine with my instagram, I have plenty to write about and now had found my happy place PLUS I also could see more growth for my blog. For me it’s not about being strict and posting a certain amount of times a week on certain days. I just want to produce good content without forcing it out of myself; I want to create a good creative flow without any pressure which is exactly what I have managed to do. 


So first off you need to have your domain name. I opted to use Go Daddy as they are pretty popular and there’s lots of help available online too in case you get stuck. This part is super straight forward you just search the name you want ie: natashatodd.co.uk and see if it’s available. If it’s not available you can try using .com instead or perhaps slightly altering your choice to see if there are alternatives available.

Once you see it is available then you either can go straight through to your cart or you also have the option to buy other extensions to your domain name such as .org / .net / .info ect. I think people do this to make the name of their website more exclusive and stops people having a similar named website to them.  I decided on just buying .co.uk as that wasn’t an important factor for me. I just went straight through to the checkout selected my domain for one year and bought it for just £4.99. Easy peasy.


So next up is the fun part...

  • Go to your settings in blogger and under Publishing → Blog Address: select 'Set up a 3rd party URL for your blog'.

  • Enter your new URL in the space provided. You must include the www.

  • Now click save. Once you’ve pressed save an error will appear underneath with two CNAMES. Both of these are split into two halves. The first half is the Name, Label or Host field. The second half is the Destination, Target or Points To field. CNAMES are the resource records which link directly to your blog.  They need to be transferred over to your DNS settings in GoDaddy to enable your new URL to link directly back to your blog.

  • Head over to Go Daddy and sign into your account. Select the ‘manage’ option which sits to the right of DOMAINS. This will direct you to your domains page. Now click the settings cog and select the second option ‘Manage DNS’. 

  • This will bring you to a page which will list all your resource records. Look for the CNAMES which are similar to the ones which appeared in your blogger page. When you see it – click on the pencil for the first one which will allow you to edit the record. Copy and Paste the host name and the points to name into the relevant boxes. Leave the TTL option as it is and press save. Now repeat these steps for your second CNAME. 

  • Now head back over to your blogger settings page and click save again. 

  • The changeover takes approx 24 hours to work so give it some time and don't panic. You may experience some problems throughout those 24 hours. Just be patient as it will work itself out normally. The next day I couldn't access my blog at all during some points of the day but I would just leave it and come back later in the day and it would work again. After that it has worked perfectly ever since. 


Last up in an optional choice which enables you to link a naked URL straight back to your blog. So for example if someone typed natashatodd.co.uk rather than www.natashatodd.co.uk it will still direct the person to my blog page. To do this you will need to link the A Records (Address Records) which point to Bloggers four different Google IPs. These 4 different A Records are the same for everyone using blogger and are as follows:
All you have to do is head back over to your Records page in Go Daddy. Then scroll to the bottom and press the add button. This will allow you to add a new record to your DNS. A Records are used to point a domain name to a static IP address. Add each A Record separately like I have below 

Then to finish up all you need to do is save and exit out of Go Daddy. Hoorah. The end. Thank God. I dont know about you guys but when it comes to things like html and IT lingo it can be a little overwhelming and I tend to need at least half a year off from looking at a computer afterwards. In all seriousness though once you've finished adding your new domain name go and grab yourself a cuppa, it's time to relax.

To celebrate finally having my very own domain name, Stickapp kindly sent me some personalised stickers which I have been fully loving up. The quality of the stickers are fantastic and they look SO good. I even chose to get a few cute little ones to decorate my new office stationary with, give them a check out here!  

I hope my tips on changing your Domain name on Blogger helps! I am definitley no IT guru so forgive me if not aha - I just thought it might be handy to share how I myself managed to get through doing the changeover!

*This post contains a gift/pr sample however all thoughts are my own


Hello my little lovelies. 

Today I am bringing you a new series of posts I hope to do on my blog which is a mixture of both Fashion and Travel I suppose you could say. I've named this series 'Discovering Suffolk', as this will be my way of scrapbooking my little discoveries I make whilst exploring the green pastures of my current home county, Suffolk. 

As the mania of the new year dies down, Ollie and I found our weekends have begun to free up nicely meaning we have more time to go on little expeditions around our home town. Living in such a picturesque place, (some parts of Suffolk are quite notably known as of course Constable Country) I am aware that we have so much to discover in this beautiful place we get to call our home. Plus I know some of my friends and readers are also from Suffolk so I think this is a great way of sharing some tips on great places to head to for a fun day out. 

This weekend we made our way over to Bury St Edmunds which is a wonderful town about half an hour away from Ipswich. Just on the outskirts here is the simply gorgeous historical house and gardens, Ickworth House which is owned by the National Trust. Described as a Georgian Italianate Palace set in an idyllic English landscape, this breathtaking establishment opens it Gardens to the public all year round and in certain seasons the house is opened too. 

On arrival I was immediately drawn to the Italianate Gardens which the house sits in. Filled with stunning greenery, a stumpery and many pretty out-buildings to discover, you can certainly spend an afternoon wandering around these immaculate grounds. Not to mention the vast walled garden which then spreads out and surrounds the house, plenty of landscape to explore and lose an afternoon to.

Not only does Ickworth House boast these beautiful grounds but also of course the house is open inside during certain seasons to look around and take in some 18th century magic. Plus as with most Historic houses you will of course find a lovely little cafe and gift shop for all your other hearts desires (aka coffee). Side note: I particularly love the Coffee House as some of the seating is situated in a corridor which not only overlooks the stunning Italianate Gardens but is filled itself with plants (see second above picture) definitely an instagrammable kinda coffee break. 

The weather sure hasn't warmed up that much, but it's certainly a vast improvement to the dark skies and freezing conditions of last weekend. So I thought I'd wrap up warm in a nice chunky cardigan and my trusty camel coat for this trip. Underneath however I chose to wear my new Lost Ink Frill Sleeved Blouse which I can not get enough of under my favourite New Look Dungarees. A pair of H&M Platform Oxfords to finish off the look and I was ready to hit the green lands of Ickworth House!



Good day my little rays of sunshine! I am on a hot roll with beauty blog posts at the moment which is something I always feel comes with a New Year as lots of great new products poke their heads out for me to explore! With the fresh start of 2017 and all it's wonder products emerging it began to dawn on me that with the all the craziness that overtook 2016 (aka doing some serious adulting and moving in with Ollie plus working hard on my blog) that my beauty routine had taken a huge backstep and I hadn't even realised.