Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Journey to Unicorn / Grey Hair Part 2! 

So as you originally saw in my earlier Part 1 post - I have been attempting to get my hair from Brunette to Grey. The first stage involved me dying my hair an awesome silver colour which shone like glitter in the sun. However it did not stay like that for very long. My aim was to be a lovely misty grey - an image I could not part with in my head. I particularly wanted this colour because I knew my dark roots would grow through and that was a look I was loving right now - see here for what I mean. 

Therefore I decided to go a shade darker using the Colour Freedom Metallic Range I had been loving up recently. WELL. That did not quite go to plan. Using the Graphite Grey colour - I dyed my hair, popped in the shower, popped back out, dryed my hair...and oh no. What's this. Why does my hair look like murky green/grey? I believe the results were so drastically different to what I expected due to some remnants of brassy yellow tones being left in my hair from pervious bleaching. Some parts of my hair had taken to a darkish grey colour however other parts had a very murky yellow/green shade to them. It was not pleasant.

There was no way I was going to leave my hair like this however so I got my trusty bottle of bleach out and resigned to the fact I was going to have to do some damage control. My hair once again became a lovely fluorescent yellow and I was left right back at the start wondering how I was going to achieve Grey hair. I did some online research into some good toners and this is where I found Directions Toner and Silver Dye. Perfect!

The toner and dye arrived about 3 days later in cute little pots - I also decided to purchase their tinting brush as I had lost my old one. After reading a couple of reviews online I discovered that it was a good idea to leave the toner on for much longer then it said on the instructions. Many girls had left it on for about an hour and achieved much better results so I decided to do the same. The results were fantastic and I was left with an almost pure white blonde hair which looked great just as itself. In fact I liked it so much I decided to keep it like this for a couple of days to give my hair a little break. WARNING. The toner is very VERY blue - in the tub and even once applied to hair. Do not be alarmed the toner is not going to dye your hair blue, it is definitely meant to be this colour. Also the good thing about the toner and dyes is it did leave my hair feeling well nourished and soft to touch afterwards. I then used the silver dye on top after my stint of being white blonde. It did not really change the colour much to be honest but it sort of evened out the tones in my hair so I was pretty much an allover white blonde colour now. 

I had now achieved a much more pure colour for dying on top with. It was time to brave the grey dye again and see if I would have more success. Keep an eye out for part three of my journey to unicorn/grey hair to see how it all turned out!

Has anyone else tried the La Riche Directions hair products, if so what do you think?

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