Thursday, 17 March 2016

Welcome to my very colourful shiny post on all my new beauty products purchased this month! I have been pondering over making a change to my foundation routine for a while now and decided to finally take the plunge. When I say plunge it really wasn't that drastic as I actually have used the Infallible 24hr range before. Previously I have just used the bottled foundation which I have sworn by due to it flawless silk finish. However I decided to go all out and purchase pretty much the whole range this time...

I have a confession which may seem strange as I confess myself as a bit of a beauty addict, but I have never used Primer before. I have never really felt the need to be honest as my foundation has always sat quite well and always been durable. After reading some of the benefits of primer such as it's ability to close pores and give a smoother finish, I thought it was worth a try. My overall impression of this primer is very good. It was lovely to apply with an amazing silk texture and it created a fantastic base for my foundation causing it to be much smoother. I definitely plan to keep using this primer as I much prefer the finish it gives my foundation and also it intensifies the matte texture I love my foundation to have. 

This leads me to the two foundations I then purchased from the Infallible range - the Infallible 24hr matte and the Infallible 24hr stay fresh. The reason why I bought the two was purely because there is one thing I LOVE to do with my foundation and thats mix it. I use the back of my hand like a little paint easel and I go crazy with it.  I have quite an olive skinned complexion so I struggle to get a precise colour tone sometimes however when I mix I do tend to get a more accurate finish. I love the stay fresh because it gives me a really silky fresh look but when I mix it with the matte then it really polishes off the entire end result. After application of foundation must come powder (well for me anyway) and the infallible matte powder is my go to for this with it's light and non drying texture. 

Next up is my new Nars duo eyeshadow which has become my baby. I never knew that T K Maxx sells brands like Nars and Two Faced so when I found out I was on a mission to go there and see what I could find. I love these brands but as an affordable beauty blogger they are way out of my price range. However T K Maxx is a place of bargains and these unaffordable brands have now become very affordable! I picked up the duo palette for just £9.99 and it was one of many colours available in the store. I picked the Indian Summer Palette as this was very neutral and complimented my skin tone well. The pigment is perfect on my skin and also the shadow is super easy to blend. Overall my beauty products I have purchased so far have been fantastic and I have had zero complaints. I wear these products everyday to work and their stay power is second to none!! 

You can find these products here:

Does anyone else love using the L'Oreal Infallible range too? What are your thoughts? 

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