Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Being a girl who has never really delved into the habits of taking supplements I was totally getting myself into unknown territory with this next blogging adventure. I recently had the pleasure of being asked to join the blogging programme for Regime London, who make nutricosmetic beauty supplements. I had never had a daily routine of taking pills or drinking teas until recently. The most I had ever done for a daily routine was make sure I washed my face each day with Simple's kind to skin moisturising face wash. This was definitely a whole new world.

The brand has several options of supplements available, I decided the best one for me would be coconut quench which is designed to hydrate skin and repair previous cosmetic damage. So far I have been taking the supplements daily for about two weeks now. The pack I received contains 30 capsules in total - so one for each day for a month. So far the results I have noticed have been pretty positive. I have definitely damaged my skin in the past (massive culprit of sleeping with make-up still on) so hydration and repair was much needed. I noticed my skin has started clearing around some of my danger areas...THE CHIN. Plus I have also seemed to be getting way less spots recently. 

Taking these capsules has been nice and easy and I am looking forward to see how the rest of my next two weeks pan out. Will definitely be interested to see what my final verdict is on the Coconut Quench capsules.

* This post contains a PR sample / gift 

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