Wednesday, 22 June 2016


I recently had the pleasure of becoming a member of the #LASHGANG which is a part of the fantastic brand Nouveau Lashes, created for bloggers and MUAs to review and participate in new product trials. 

** A little backstory: If you haven't heard of this wonderful brand yet check out their website for full details. It was first created in 2005 by two beauty industry pioneers (Karen Betts & Bridgette Softley) who have established over that time a rapidly expanding brand which is available Globally. The brand offers a massive range in eyelash care from products to treatments and award winning training. 

It was a massive pleasure to be accepted into the #Lashgang as Nouveau Lashes are well renowned for their quality of products and treatments and I was beyond excited to be given an opportunity to work with such an innovative brand. Like a kid at Christmas I spent a couple of days hanging around my front door eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new products. 

Within no time at all a large parcel arrived and amidst some pig like squeals I sat in bed opening up these new goodies. 

 Feeling rather spoilt for choice I was greeted by 12 different styles of strip lashes, stip lash adhesive, conditioning serum, eye makeup remover and of course a lovely bag to carry them all in! There were 3 different categories of lashes (Volume, Glamour & Natural) which then had a further 4 different styles. A lot of variety for me to test out...I was more than excited to get trying them!! 

I decided not to write this post immediately after receiving the products as of course you need time to truly test a product out and form an honest opinion of them, therefore over the space of about two months I have been wearing these lashes daily to experience exactly how good they are. 

Now in terms of the products quality here are my honest opinions.

From the moment I first tried the Strip lashes I instantly fell in love and this is no exaggeration. I have had plenty of experience with false lashes in the past and have my fair share of horror stories. From halfway through a night out finding one half of a pair stuck to your chest rather than your lashline to what feels like hours of painful applications because THEY JUST WON'T GO ON RIGHT. I know that false lashes can be no fun at all. However with these guys I had none of these problems at all. Hoorah.

The application was simply painless. Normally it can take me up to three goes before I get it right but everytime I apply these lashes I have it first time! The glue is very strong and tacky which means it holds onto the lashline well as soon as you apply unlike some which can move around a bit before drying. 

The stay power is sensational. I always take my glue everywhere I go as I know some lashes can tend to start coming away from the corners which is not an ideal look. However in the duration of these past few months I have not once had to fix these lashes. 
Glamour Lash in 'Style 4' // Natural Lash in 'Style 4'
In terms of the other products I was also pleasantly pleased with them. I had never been a big user of lash serums in the past but since using this I have noticed a small difference in the strength and condition of my lashes. The adhesive and eye makeup remover also impressed me and I am going to be doing a separate blogpost featuring these other products so keep your eyelashes peeled!

Overall I'm sure you can see that I am seriously singing Nouveau lashes praises and not just because they gave me an opportunity to work with them. Anyone who read my Body shop lip tint review will know I do not shy away from an honest review. I am just genuinely happy to have found a strip lash which agrees with my lash line for once! The thing that makes me happiest however is the affordability of these products with the strip lashes averaging in at £6.99 each. Bargain! Check out their page for the full range of eyelashes and products they have available.

* This post contains a PR sample / gift 

Has anyone else tried any products from Nouveau Lashes? What are your thoughts? 


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