Saturday, 7 May 2016

It's official, don your hats because wedding season is in full swing! Spring and Summer are the seasons that make weddings oh so dreamy. From pastel blossoms filling up the trees of churchyards to sunrays beaming down on the blushing bride - it's just a recipe for the next 6 months to be filled with weddings galore

So with all this in mind, what could be more important than making sure you are 100% prepared to look your best for these occasions (well there may be a few things that are more important *cough people joining in the matrimony of love etc* but let's not think about that right now). I have teamed up with the fabulous TM Lewin to bring you the ultimate couples look for this coming wedding season. Yes that's right we are going to be looking at ladies AND mens fashion! I loved getting this opportunity to work with such a great brand because they are totally what my blog is about and it gave me a chance to delve into areas I haven't looked at before.

My first inspired look has been created from the idea of coording!!! I LOVE the idea of colour coordinating with your other half and showing off the fact that you are totally a team in everything you do. A timeless colour to do this with is Navy, this colour could never be out of place and is one that I am sure most people will consider a sophisticated classic. Here are some simple pointers for creating a great Navy Co-ord:

Add plenty of other colours. Get your partner to wear a bold coloured tie and add some statement jewellery yourself to ensure there isn't too much blue.
A-line dresses are perfect when it comes to Navy as it adds that extra bit of class to the colour
Brown and Black shoes are both acceptable when it comes to a Navy suit - brown shoes with a black suit however is always a no no!
Make sure his shirt colour compliments his suit: white, pale pinks, baby blues and a light blue check are some of my favourite shirt colours for navy. 
If you fancy a really classy look get your partner to go for a maroon (deep red) tie and handkerchief against a crisp white shirt. This is one of my most favourite suit looks - so timeless!
Nude heels are a perfect colour combo with a navy dress, it adds a subtle amount of colour and is a great hue for spring!

If you fancy something a little different rather than your stereotypical classic colours and simple dresses then why not try the above. Hot on trend this season is the slightly masculine look for females.This doesn't mean roll up in some dudes jeans however so don't go getting any ideas. Try putting together a nice slim fit pair of suit trousers along with a silk blouse. Finish it off with a matching heel and some bold jewellery and hey presto how fancy does that look? 

When it comes to your plus one how about something a little less straight edged and a little more smart casual? I love the idea of putting beige blazers with navy suit trousers - it's totally spring/summeresque. The combination of nude and beige colours completely compliment each other so you would definitely set each others outfits off a treat.

If none of the above suggestions tickle your fancy then there's always the great combo of a simple suit & bold print dress. Grey suits are something all men should have in their wardrobes as it is so versatile and can be worn in all sorts of occasions! They can be dressed up or dressed down - accessorised with colours or kept simple and they also make a great pairing to a bold print dress! 

What I love about T M Lewin is that you can find such an array of suits for men at some fantastic prices. Being a massive advocate for affordable beauty and fashion this therefore is right up my street. When it comes to suit buying I would always advise to be willing to spend a good amount of money, as these numbers aren't just a one time thing. When guys buy a suit you arent buying it to just wear here or there a few times, this will be a go to for special occasions and something that needs to be reliable for more than a few months. At TM Lewin you can find exactly that kind of lasting quality in their suits without breaking the bank, and that's exactly what I'm all about here on my blog! 

You can find the items of clothing I used for my couples outfits in the links below

Outfit 1 - Navy Soho Blue 
Outfit 2 - Banks Blue Cool Wool
Outfit 3 - Bridges Stone Washed Jacket
Outfit 4 - Thomas Charcoal Mohair 

Outfit 2 - Romsey Navy Dress
Outfit 3 - Herringbone Blouse / Navy Suit Pants / Shoes / Necklace

What inspiration do you guys use when putting a wedding outfit together?


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