Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I am pretty late at jumping on most bandwagons. I watched the Netflix Original series of Stranger Things recently thinking I was so up to date with current trends to find out everyone else had watched it like a month ago. *Sigh*

So I'm sure some people will see this and think, how have you not even tried the Benefit Roller Lash yet. However it's just been one of those products which has sat in my wishlist for a REALLY long time and I've only just got round to trying it out. Whilst having a girly get ready together one night my friend lent me her Roller Lash as I'd forgotten my Mascara and from that moment onwards I knew this baby had to be mine. So let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the product.
There is something so Parisian chic about about the colours pink and black together. With it's cute colour combo and it's hair roller-esque lid the packaging on the roller lash is très bon. 

This mascara contains ingredients like Provitamin B5 which is a super moisturising vitamin therefore providing not only curls for your lashes but condition. It is not as thick a consistency as some mascaras however don't be put off as it is easy to layer up without clumping and create dark voluminous lashes.

I have been wearing this Mascara for nearly two months now and I have no regrets. The formula keeps my lashes in great condition and creates that much lusted after curl without having to use Eyelash Curlers. It is non clumpy and has a lovely lifting effect which is so hard to achieve with some products.

The Roller Lash is certainly different to others with it's 'hook' featured wand which is designed like the hooks on hair curlers to grab onto your individual lashes lifting them without any damage. This creates the great curl effect in the lash, adding volume and separation without having to coat on application after application. It is super easy to apply and just as easy to remove which I love as I hate having to really work over my lashes when removing makeup. It stays all day and has zero flaking which is also another great advantage of the roller lash!

I would say my only conmplaint with the product is the price. Although it's not a high end product it is still affordable however at the price of £19.50 it's obvious to say that it's not the most affordable product on the market. However as I had such a great experience in using this mascara I would say **FOR ME** it was worth paying the price tag!


Who else has tried the Benefit Roller Lash?

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