Friday, 26 August 2016

Seriously guys how nice is this weather we are having in the UK right now. I mean a long time coming or what! I'm pretty sure when I was a kid the summer holidays were filled with sunshine everyday and I ended up repping quite the tan by the time I went back to School. Nowadays the only tan I'll be getting in the UK is from a small squeezy bottle... 

Anyway the other weekend as the Sun beamed down in my back garden I decided to make the most of it and throw together an outfit which accentuates my idea of summer fashion. I love love loveee the essence of sixties fashion and there's nothing more I would love to do then don a yellow shift dress and fall back in time listening to the Beach Boys. The idea of doing this makes me feel so summery which is why I chose this certain style to showcase an outfit of mine which I think is perfect for this season.

I have a huge obsession with two things right now: turtleneck dresses and monochrome! So when I found this dress I was besotted as it is the perfect mixture of both. Pairing this dress with my favourite pair of knee high boots just gave it that perfect sixties summery vibe that I love.

The items in this look are things that I have purchased a while ago so unfortunately they are no longer available to purchase. However if you would love to recreate this look check out the links below to find similar items!


Knee High Boots


Who else loves the Sixties fashion style?


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