Thursday, 13 October 2016

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So I mentioned that the next few Fashion Posts would be based upon end of summer styles perfect for those still travelling abroad at the moment. HOWEVER...
I was recently approached to work with the amazing Audacious Style. If you haven’t heard of them, they are an online fashion brand based in Scotland that is here to bring you the hottest trends. They have great work ethics & values and a passion for ‘Living out loud’ and by that they mean wear what you want, be bold and look fabulous! If you would like to know more – check them out here!

I was given the choice of two items from their website and decided to go for this lovely print dress and a two toned jacket (which will be making an appearance in my next style diaries post)! With winter fast approaching I thought these two would make perfect additions to my wardrobe.

Donning my matching blue fedora I headed out to Ipswich Waterfront to snap this gorgeous Rebecca Paisley Print Shirt Dress which is available here for £22.99. It was a really wet cold day so I wrapped myself in my Zara Faux Fur Scarf – in hindsight I do slightly look like I’ve just stepped out of the 1940’s. But you know what, I don’t hate it!

One of my favourite things about Fashion is getting to wear who you are. My style never stays the same and one day will always be so different to the next. Today I am wearing fedoras and fur, but tomorrow it could be ripped jeans and my Nike sweater. Yet with my constantly changing style it’s never hard to change an item I love to suit my needs.

Depending on my mood that day, I could style this dress so many different ways. If I fancy feeling classy for the day then this outfit look is perfect. However if I want to be a bit more grungy I know I can add a choker and some chunky heeled boots to give it a bit more edge. 

That’s what I love about Audacious style. They provide the clothes that can bring out whatever personality you are feeling that day. It’s all about living out loud!! 

Watch out for my Part two post featuring this great Khaki textured jacket! My end of summer fashion posts will also still be coming, watch out for them in the next few weeks!

*This post contains a PR/Gift sample - all thoughts however are completely my own

Has anyone else tried anything from Audacious Style, what are your thoughts?

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