Sunday, 13 August 2017


Hello my beauties...

Today we are chatting about Beauty essentials perfect for taking to a festival. With the season well and truly in full swing with the likes of Glastonbury and The Isle of White already behind us - yet ones like Reading, V and Bestival still to go it's safe to say we are in the midst of one of the most fun times in the summer. 

During your time at a festival, to be honest you don't want to be worrying about any time consuming beauty routines as you'll be too busy shimmying down with a can of rekordalig in hand. So I've compiled together a lil old list of the top essentials to take to a festival.


When it comes to festival packing I tend to try and minimise my makeup bag as much as possible because (1) it's good to save space and (2) I tend to try not to wear too much makeup and go all out with glitter instead. My staple items tend to be long wearing foundation & mascara, a neutral shaded bronzer, concealer with good coverage and an easy to use eyebrow pomade. All the little odds and ends like five different blush shades are definitely better left behind because of space.  For Glastonbury I took a L'Oreal BB cream as I didn't want a heavy base and liked the idea of a glowy, dewy natural look. Mascara wise I took my favourite YSL as it's a great build-able mascara for volume and definition which I can use just by itself. 


As I like to wear minimal makeup as much as possible at a Festival it meant that having a good skincare routine whilst there is still important for me. I don't mean going all out and taking toners ect but one good cleanser, a moisturiser and an eye gel were my essentials. Therefore it meant I could tackle any breakouts and dark circles and try and keep to wearing less makeup and more glitter! My favourite item I took was this Peachy Fox London Collagen gel as it really works wonders for my under eyes, allowing me to look a little more fresh faced in the morning (you can read more about it here). 


At a festival I like to get my legs out no matter the weather - wind, rain...snow. Okay maybe not snow. Not because I want to show off my pins or anything but simply because I find I get SO HOT at festivals. Even if it's pouring with rain because your either trekking a mile across a field to get to the next stage or else dancing around like a loon you end up finding yourself sweating buckets. So I counteract this by wearing layers on my top half and then allowing my legs to be out in the cool air to balance it out. Weird logic maybe, but it works for me. It means however that I want to keep my legs looking smoooooooth. So my Dorco eve razors are another essential for me as the movable razor head makes it so easy to use when you're somewhere that's not the comfort of your own shower.


Last up for me is a good effective deodorant. This really is a must. With queues to showers often being about an hour long most days, sometimes you end up going days without showering and just having a Mexican spray down instead (Deodorant and dry shampoo yourself so heavily that your left in a cloud of fumes). An absolute favourite brand of mine for years has been Dove and it's sweet fresh smelling scents. As previously mentioned in my blog before, I do a lot of physical exercise and tend to need a good long wearing deodorant and for me, Dove is the one. It leaves me feeling fresh all day without having to worry about body odours and this is exactly what you're after for a Festival too. Plus the new formula means it's extra nourishing for your skin too.



Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Morning Honey Bees 🐝

Another list style blog post, I am on a roll!

So as many of you know (because I wrote about five thousand blog posts, tweets and instagrams on it) I went to Glastonbury this year. Yes. I broke my G fest V plates! What a time to be alive hey - it really did feel like that as I slid down the grassy banks towards to the Festival entrance that sunny morning late June. I had so much to look forward to in those five days of music and drinking and dancing in fields.

What I did not anticipate in those five days however is how much I would learn about me, my friends, and life in general. HEHE. Sounds like a deep meaningful thing to say, but here are five things I learnt at my time at Glastonbury.


Yes that's right. Before going to Glastonbury I was terrified my Liver might depart from my body and make a run for it in the fear of drinking for 5 days on the trot. I mean, I haven't drank every day since University. And that was a long time ago. So beforehand I definitely envisaged dying of hangovers most mornings and potentially having to take it easy some days. However once you are there the atmosphere of the place completely takes over you. Drinking on a hangover suddenly doesn't seem that bad and the thousands of people around you having fun will completely lift those hangover blues. Basically what I am saying is your body will definitely surprise you and you will develop an alcoholic stamina you never even knew you had.


When you have to camp alongside each other for five days, help each other put up tents, do each others glitter makeup every night and of course do occasional armpit whiff checks for each other. It's inevitable that friendships will become even closer. Especially when a lot of drinking and dancing is also involved. Aka a lot of drunken declarations of love for each other happened. 


The beauty of music festivals is that they are so diverse in genres and of course everyone has different tastes in music so at one point you'll probably find yourself in a tent with your mate listening to a band you've never heard of BUT next thing you know you're bobbing along and planning on buying their album on iTunes when you get home. Aka when I took my mates to see London Grammar and they loved it. Or when I cried during the entire set of Barry Gibb because I didn't realise it was possible to love one man so much. 


Glastonbury is huge. No's absolutely bloody massive. I remember the morning we arrived we walked over the crest of the hill and seeing it all laid out in front of me was mind boggling - it literally went on for miles and miles. Huge big top tents and scattered across dozens of fields. It looked incredible (someone get me a tissue I am welling up just reminiscing now). So due to how big it is you literally don't have enough time to see it all. What with trying to squeeze in all your favourite bands whilst taking in as many day activities as possible there's going to be so many areas you miss. For example we missed out on the Unfairground (a warped subversive place filled with art installations), The Rabbit Hole (a hidden underground bar which can only be accessed by solving a riddle plus rumour has it there's a hot tub somewhere in there) and Temple (a huge Gladiator style arena dance floor).


So you have heard of Holiday blues. Well Festival blues are also a thing, honestly. After slumming it in a field for five nights and waking up in the morning gasping like a fish because firstly the hangover thirst for water is real and secondly it's HOTTER THAN THE SUN because your tent has become a greenhouse. You would surely think therefore that you can't wait to get home and have a nice hot shower and comfy bed. However instead you will quite possibly find yourself crying into your Macdonald's on the way home because you just don't want to leave. Exiting the festival means leaving behind a world where strangers pass each other exchanging smiles and laughs, making new drunk friends is a given and going to bed at sunrise is totally acceptable because you don't have work the next day. Basically Glastonbury is a little world of happiness in it's own right where people are there to just have a good time with one another. Leaving that to go into the real world definitely sucks - queue post festival blues. 

I would love to hear about your favourite festival experiences. Drop me a comment below! 


Thursday, 3 August 2017


Howdy hun buns 🐰

So here I am writing to you from the new ripe old age of twenty-six. That's right. I've aged another year.

I want to keep this post short and sweet really so I won't delve too much into things. Every year goes by quicker and it makes you realise how precious time can be. I spend my Monday's at work wishing the weekend would come & before I know it Saturday is here and then it's over again way to quick. It's a vicious cycle of time just flying by.

So I am really keen to buckle down and start making the most of life. Such a cliche thing to write post turning twenty six but hey - it's true! Life is way to short to spend it wishing you did this and that. And that is something I am very guilty of. So here's to doing more things I love and definitely spending a lot less time procrastinating in life. In light of this I have compiled  a list of things I am planning/want to do this year:


So this is something I have actually done twice before BUT it's because if you haven't guessed it. I am half Thai. My mum recently moved back out there last year which means that if I want to see my Mumma I have to take a 12 hour flight. It doesn't happen often this girl aint made of money -the times I have been before have been on family holidays. Now though I am saving up to visit there this October so I can see my lovely mother and also take Ollie there too for his first trip to Thailand. We plan to stay in Bangkok for a few nights then up to Chang Mai and then finally end the trip in Phuket. Fingers crossed the rainy season has come to near end by then! Has anyone else been to Thailand? I would be up for some recommendations for must places to visit.


This year I am definitely embracing seeing more concerts and this is starting with Neil Diamond. Some people are probably like whaaaat who's that lol but I am not even ashamed of my love of ND. He is a true legend and has many many amazing songs. Plus I have a deep sentimental attachment to Neil as I grew up listening to him thanks to my Dad.
My Dad and I always wanted to go see Neil live in concert together however very suddenly my wonderful best friend of a father passed away a few years back and I never got this chance. So I am definitely making this year about seeing a lot of people I adore live - starting with Neil Diamond! Hoping Lana Del Ray might make it on to the list this year too. She's a must!


About a year or so ago my best friend moved to Prague. We hadn't seen much of each other before she left as I had moved to Ipswich and she lived in London. However once we then began living in two different countries, I realised how important it was to make sure I could see her when I can. So this year I am aiming to visit Prague as I've never been but am desperate to anyway as it looks really beautiful! Plus going at Christmas time I imagine would be lovely as they have Christmas markets there and I am loving the idea of wrapping up warm and drinking plenty of mulled wine. 


Speaking of visiting Prague this year, there are also lots more cities I would love to visit. A couple of months back Ollie and I went to Dublin for the first time which was amazing and pretty budget friendly too. In fact with most European countries being quite cheap to fly to (cheers Ryanair) I have realised I really don't have an excuse to not visit more places. Plus I personally don't insist on 5 star accommodation and would much rather stay in a budget hotel and use my money to do/see lots of things instead - so city breaks would be quite affordable all in all (hopefully). On the list would definitely have to be Barcelona, Lisbon and Rome.


Over the past year I have made some really lovely friends in the blogging community. 
However being friends over the internet can be so limiting to how far your relationship can really go. So I am definitely going to make more effort to meet up with people I have formed lovely blogging relationships with. Plus how nice is it to be able to hang out with people who have the same passions as you. My first hang out is actually going to be at the end of this month and we are planning on going to Peggy Porschen's. YES to all the cakes and cute pics!


I started a little side part to my blog called 'discovering Suffolk' a little while ago however being the useless sod that I am - I have only managed to write one post. It's been a busy time recently and the one week we managed to call our British summer went by way to fast to fit in visiting many places. However I think it's always nice to try and explore as much of where you live as you can. There are always hidden gems to be discovered and more often than none it doesn't cost too much to take a drive somewhere and walk around. Definitely better than sitting and doing nothing ay. 


What would you guys like to do this year. Let me know in the comments below! 👇😊


Sunday, 30 July 2017


Ladies and gentleman, I am pleased to announce that I am a fully fledged skincare product lover. Yes that's right. Once a girl who slept in her makeup and used face wipes to take off her mascara. Things are changing in a big way.

I recently started developing a proper morning and evening skincare routine for myself which involved lots of cleansing, toning and moisturising and it's safe to say it has been going rather well. So recently when Peachy Fox London got in touch regarding the launch of their new eye products I was like hell to the yes. A new product to try out in my skincare routine.

During the Summer I like to wear as minimal makeup as possible as y' get's pretty warm sometimes and there's nothing worse than a full face of melt. The only trouble is without foundation it's much easier to see those pesky dark circles and occasional breakouts. My new cleansing and toning regime has massively helped with breakouts and my skin has been so much clearer recently so the next thing to tackle is definitely my under eye.

The product comes in a little hand size bottle which has a pump applicator. I love these the most as they are easy to use and great for light packing. I began first using this just in the evenings before bedtime so it could soak in overnight and work it's magic. The instructions tell you to gently apply the serum under your eye without rubbing in. So I apply a thin layer and gently pat it underneath my eye covering where I suffer from dark circles the most. For the first 2 minutes the serum has a slight tingle to it but nothing severe and definitely bearable. After that you hardly know it's there!

With Avocado oil as one of it's main ingredients this rejuvenating eye gel is designed to deeply nourish your skin helping to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and of course those dreaded dark circles. Plus the Hyaluronic acid is used to help with skin elasticity and hydration! In fact there are a lot of amazing ingredients in this little gel such as anti-aging vitamin E, wrinkle diminishing marine collagen & Argan Oil and also Green Tea extracts to help fight signs of premature aging.

It's been about two-three weeks now since I first started using the Eye gel and it's been really working well so far. In fact it's literally opened up my eyes to realising that there are much easier ways to diminish those dark circles rather than snoozing on your sofa for half an hour with cucumbers over your eyes (not even sure this works that well tbh).

Plus with the affordable price of currently £13.36 added up with the fact that you get plenty of product in this bottle it really is worth a try. I am loving this eye serum as part of my summer beauty regime especially as it just means I can go makeup free most days without having the worry of needing concealer. Just some moisturiser and maybe a touch of BB cream and I'm on my way.

PLUS - If you have Amazon Prime then you can get it for a cheeky next day delivery.

Shop Marine Eye Gel 

What are your favourite skincare products to use? Let me know below! 😊


Friday, 21 July 2017


Hello my lovelies, hope everyone is having a fab week so far. TGIF hey, I am so ready for the weekend.

A quick note before we delve into today's subject. I've been really fascinated with experimenting with my photography and editing recently and so you may see quite a mix up with my photos! In the past I tried to stick to one photo style but I never really enjoyed doing that as I think photography can speak so much. I love the idea of creating different styles with imagery so from now on I will definitely be more experimental. 

But anywhoooo

Today I fancied touching on something a tad different but something many many people experience. A hard day at work. Alongside my blog I work a 9-5 job in the Grain industry, (yes totally random I know). Basically my work involves the organisation of getting grain to mills like Weetbix so people can have their brekkie in the morning. Not quite what I studied at Uni but it's different and I love it. 

And this is completely the thing. I love my job. However it can sometimes (not often at all but still sometimes) be pretty stressful and challenging. Some days aren't always the best day, they can be incredibly busy & hard and sometimes you just want to sneak out of the fire escape and run home. However letting a harder than normal day at work get to you is the last thing you want and recently in our busiest times I have been trying some things to keep positive. So here are some of my top tips for surviving a hard day at work!


If you are are struggling at work and something is overwhelming you don't be afraid to take five minutes away from the desk. Unless your boss is a total douche I am sure a quick break from work is allowed in most places. Whether you fancy going outside for some fresh air or popping to the toilets to just put the seat down and sit there for bit - do what you gotta do to clear your head. Just having that 5 mins can do wonders for getting into a better head space.


This is something I do everyday, except for those days where it's peeing down. Going for a walk at lunchtime gives you that break away from the office and allows you to distract your mind from work. Creating that separation is so important I feel as we spend 8-9 hours (sometimes more, sometimes less) at work each week day. That's more than half of our waking day! If you are cooped up in an building all day then it can feel suffocating and getting out is just a great way to feel refreshed.


The other day I had a pretty busy day at work and things were going wrong left right and centre. I started to feel overwhelmed and before I knew it I was sat at my friends desk in tears. The reason why though was because all day I had let it build up inside of me until I exploded. Once I had my little cry though and chatted with my mate I suddenly felt so much better. Sometimes just getting things off your chest can be a huge relief.


If something negative happens at work don't let it get to you. Easier said then done sometimes but the truth is if it something happens that perhaps hits a nerve there's no point stewing over it. 9/10 times the next day it will have all been forgotten about. You know, unless it's serious that is then totally don't shake it off. Otherwise just try and take a deep breath and put it out of your mind. Nothing worse than thinking about it in your head and building it up so next thing you know you're plotting how to put salt rather than sugar in someones tea. Nah just kidding I've never thought about doing this...or have I...?


So in good old true British style this is one of the only medically proven ways to fix a problem. No, but seriously there is something about a nice hot cup of tea that manages to make things feel a whole lot better. So if you're bad day is getting a bit on top of you, take 5 and maybe grab yourself a cuppa. Let that warm goodness fill you back with life and if you don't like tea maybe try a mood lifting food. Chocolate, fruit or maybe even a slice of toast with some jam - there have all been said to be mood boosting foods!

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Guys, the competitive beast inside me has been released - and it's not a pretty sight.

Strange way to open a blog post I'm sure you're thinking but the thing is I've got a confession to make. I am one of those people who has that annoying competitive side. 

So you're probably wondering what's this got to do with your title, caring for your underarms with the new Dove antiperspirant range? Well the thing is about a week ago I downloaded an app onto my phone called Strava. A little app designed to record the analytics of when you run, cycle or swim. I cycle to work everyday and I am currently training to run a half marathon so I really need to be able to keep track of how I'm doing. Plus it logs your time against others who also do the same routes (hey competitive side coming out nice to see you).

Long story short I downloaded Strava and now I  cycle everyday like a bat out of hell trying to beat my previous days time/anyone also cycling that same route. This equals one thing. Copious and very unattractive amounts of sweating.

So here I am now producing ten thousand litres of sweat a day thanks to my annoying competitive side and I've realised that looking after my body odour is more important than ever. I NEED good sweat protection. So getting to try the release of the new Dove deodorant range was truly perfect timing. With a whole new range of sweet scents perfect for these warmer months Dove have outdone themselves with these addictively fruity smells. 

This year Dove are celebrating 60 years of caring for women's skin and along with it they are bringing a brand new formula for their sprays and roll ons. Well known for their antiperspirant collections being a quarter moisturising cream they have now also added in the same skin care ingredients that are also used in some of their luxury face creams. Hello soft moisturised pits. (That doesn't quite sound as satisfying with the word pits).

Underarm care is such an underrated thing and thanks to Dove my eyes have been opened up to realising just how much you need to look after those areas. A survey they conducted showed that up to 75% of women shave their underarms twice a week and when we shave those pits almost 36% of what we're shaving off is actually skin! So making sure those underarms are moisturised and nourished is more important than you think. Plus the 48 hour protection is everything I need for my cycle commutes to work as it keeps me fresh all day in the office.

The new Dove antiperspirant range is available in the following varieties 

My favourite however? Definitely the Pear and Aloe Vera. The scent is so gorgeous and sweet and leaves you smelling amazing all day! Although that said, all the new summer fruity freshness products are beautiful scent wise!

Thank you so much to Dove for letting me try the new range and also for teaching me a thing or two about how important it is to look after your under arms! 

Has anyone else tried the new Dove antiperspirants?


*These items have been gifted however all opinions are my own.


Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Long time no speak. 
Feeling kinda guilty that I just wrote that tbh as it'd been about two weeks since I last posted on my blog and I am currently up for the world's worst blogger award...

Jokes aside it has been a pretty busy time with an influx of Birthdays washing in alongside a friends wedding and of course that festival I didn't stop going on about, Glastonbury. All in all June has been hectic to say the least. So with all this going on I admitted defeat and took a step back from my blog to focus on what was going on in my everyday life. During this time however I noticed a huge difference in one of the aspects of my blogging life in particular, Instagram.

Oh Instagram, so easy to hate yet still I strive every day to keep going with it. I love how visually pleasing instagram can be and I enjoy getting to see what my friends and fellow blogger pals are up to BUT ARGH I hate hate hate that algorithm. Judging by my twitter timeline recently - I'm not alone in feeling this.

So as I said above, with my time at Glastonbury the thing that took the biggest hit during my five day absence was instagram. I lost a lot of followers (expected to be honest but still goes to show how much it can mount up) and when I finally poked my head back into the realms of social media, my engagement was prettttty poor. Instagram is certainly making it clear that no matter how hard you try there is no easy way around the algorithm. The little guys like me who have smaller followings and are still trying to grow have now been pushed aside and left struggling to stay afloat in an ocean of online influencers.

It would be a lie to say this doesn't bother me. Some days, it does. It makes me question will I ever manage to get on top of it or am I really good enough to be able to grow my Insta at all? Feeling downbeat about it all however isn't going to change.a.thing. 

The honest truth is that my life goals definitely don't revolve around this little social media app. 
With dreams of travelling around America, one day having a dreamy home and someday owning a little sausage dog family I know that how many likes I get on my pictures will hardly play a part in these dreams. So the best thing to do? I guess it's just to keep your head above the water and keep pushing towards the shore. I love creating captivating images to post on my Instagram and I love getting to engage with other people and their images. So though the algorithm has created a downside I like to remember all the positives of Insta and all the lovely people I have met on there too. People like to try and cheat the system by buying followers and likes but in the long run this will really get you no where. The only way I think you can beat the algorithm is to just keep posting as much as you can and engage with as many of your followers as you can in a genuine manor. Hard work pays off ay!

What do you guys do to try and not get deflated by the algorithm?


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