Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Hello all you lovely people

I'm throwing myself back all the way to early December when I attended a bloggers event for the launch of a Jewellers in my nearby town of Colchester.  I have never been to any local events so it was pretty exciting to know I was going to meet some local bloggers rather than going to my usual London events (which obvs are great) but means I don't get to meet any local people! 

The evening was hosted by the Gallery at Upchurch which is a Jewellers based in Essex. It was a launch night for their shops new redesign and they wanted to invite bloggers to come and soak up the new interiors and of course take some fab photos of the night. On arrival we were greeted with plenty of Prosecco and a delicious array of light finger food so with my tummy feeling pretty content I started wandering around getting ready to take some snaps. Whilst I mingled amongst people I started to think about the anxieties and fear that revolve around blogging events for many of us (especially if you are new to it all) and how I myself learnt to overcome it. 

Nerves and anxiety over social situations such as blogging events are one of the most common feelings to experience. I think even the most confident amongst us will always feel a slight pang of nerves before going to an event because at the end of the day we are facing the unknown. I wonder who will be there, will people be nice to me, what happens if no one talks to me? All these questions race through our heads right up to that very second we walk through the entrance. 

In fact here's a true story about myself, last year I attended my first Scarlett London event which was actually the second blogging event I had ever been too. Feeling so inexperienced in these situations I ended up being a complete bag of nerves before the day. I wound myself up so much I managed to get myself to the venue somehow but as I reached for the door handle the nerves got the better of me and I stepped back. Pacing up and down the street I started to debate whether I should go in or whether I should abandon all hope, get myself home and hide under my duvet with a 40 slices of Pizza instead. 

Thankfully I decided to suck it all up and head inside. The reason I managed to overcome my nerves though was down to me asking myself just one simple question. What is the worst thing that will happen? 

Will you die? Quite unlikely. Will something awful happen to you? I doubt it. What could actually happen is you have one of the best damn fine nights of your life and make a bunch of friends in the process too. This is what I told myself that night.

Don't judge my dry hands, the winter ruins me...

So here are a few of my best tips when it came to overcoming my fear of attending blogging events
You're not the only one feeling that way
The one thing I have learnt from attending events is that I am never the only person there feeling a bit nervous or alone. Going to an event alone is pretty terrifying and when you walk in and see people mingling in groups it's quite daunting. However most of the time all those people probably came by themselves too and found each other at the event. So never be afraid to just head over to a group and introduce yourself. After introducing myself I always babble on about how nervous I was before I arrived and 100% of the time everyone else will say they were feeling the exact same. 

Every blogging event you attend is one step further for your blog
The more blogging events you attend the more your confidence will grow, and the more your confidence grows then the more you'll aim to get yourself out and about and grow your blog. I am of course in no means a pro when it comes to blogging however I can try and share my experiences so far. In terms of my blog, being able to attend events has kept me pushing my blog on the up and up (I hope) because you're continuously engaging with other bloggers and brands. Having that engagement will always keep giving you a push in the right direction to keep excelling. 

99% of the time you'll never regret attending
To basically sum up the majority of events, you will learn some new things (such as the ins and outs of a new product), you will make friends and more often than none, you will get fed and watered. Attending an event also provides so much new content for your blog and social media. You can write  a new post, you can upload a thousand pics to instagram and you can also live tweet all of the fun you're having that day/night straight to your twitter. With all these positive aspects from blogging events, I can assure you that you will find most of the time you leave an event feeling pretty happy you went. Unless of course something terrible happens like Donald Trump turns up. 

The friends you make in the blogosphere will be some of your greatest supporters
Last up is something I really believe is a huge positive to attending events, and that's making friends in the blogging industry. Along our way we will meet plenty of other bloggers over social media channels who we will befriend and support, yet even better is getting to meet people in real life and cementing a friendship. I find when it comes to non blogging friends they often don't fully understand the world of blogging and how exciting is it when you write your first sponsored post or maybe meet one of your favourite big Youtubers. Having friends in this 'alternative universe' your friends don't quite understand is such a great thing as you have people who you can share your excitement with and who will often provide amazing support to you.
If you are starting to find yourself being invited to blogging events and have some anxieties over it, I hope this post will help. I certainly felt pretty nervous going to my first ever event but now when I look back on 2016 it is filled with so many great memories of fun events I was able to attend and I am glad I was able to get over my fears!

Plus if you're ever in the Colchester area and would love to check out a gorgeous Jewellers who stocks some fab brands such as Daisy London and Thomas Sabo then get yourself over to The Gallery at Upchurch!

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