Monday, 9 January 2017

Doing a home tour post for my blog is something I have been wanting to do ever since moving into our lovely home in May last year. Unfortunately I suffer from being a severe perfectionist and the idea of posting photos of my home without it looking exactly how I wanted it didn't seem to be an option. Don't get me wrong, there are still so many things we need to do with this room, let alone the rest of the house however right now I think I am ready to share a snippet of my favourite room, our living room...

When moving in with my boyfriend the number one issue we encountered was creating a room which embodied both our tastes. Ollie and I are basically one person most of the time and share tastes in pretty much everything, however he will sometimes draw the line at things such as that Kate Moss print I wanted (absolute shitter). In his eyes he believes that everything we own should be things that we actually both want and reflect the both of us and apparently a picture of Kate Moss doesn't do this for him. So our number one aim with this room was to create that perfect clean white living space I love whilst adding touches of both our personalities in there.

Agreeing on items you both love

Ollie, is quite simply obsessed with sports. Name a sport, he's probably watched it, knows the name of every national team playing it, probably knows what car each player drives. One of his favourites in fact is Darts. Every Christmas we have a fight over the remote as the world championships comes on, and I often end up losing and sulking in our room watching every vlogmas video I can find. So when it came to adding some personality to our living room we knew a dart board would be a must as it's a great way of entertaining guests, and more importantly entertaining Ollie. My one request was that it was a board that suited the interior of the room and was aesthetically pleasing, this is where we were happy to agree on something that we both could love.

Jazzing up blank spaces with IKEA hacks

So though I do admittedly love having the dart board as it is fun to try and beat Ollie at his own favourite game (obvs I'm not really that good, just occasionally get lucky) I felt I needed to add a bit more to that area to make it pleasing to the eye. This is where I found these amazing Bekvam steps in IKEA which I thought would be a perfect item to sit just under the dartboard. One of my favourite things about IKEA is the many wonderful ways people adapt simple household items to be used in other ways. These steps are a classic kitchen item great for using to reach high shelves. However I decided to use it as a plant shelf, placing little house plants on each step. Plus a great gift I received from Ollie's Mum for Christmas was this Yankee Candle Home Inspirations Wax Melter which fills the room with a really warm homely scent when burnt.

Finding a great colour scheme

The most important thing for me whilst putting this room together was finding items which complement each other and keep a nice consistent colour scheme. I LOVE (this is already an understatement) I'm obsessed with clean white looking interiors. Of course if you have too much white it can look quite cheap and bleached so it was important to bring some life to the room with a dash of colour. Filling it with house plants just adds a great pop of life as well as plenty of character and also our lovely grey sofa from DFS really compliments the white. My main colour themes for this room revolve around white, black, grey with a dash of copper. Plus of course the greenery from the plants. 

Choosing your coffee table reads

I had a lot of fun choosing the books I wanted to place on our coffee table. I think that it's great to have books that your guests can pick up and read and perhaps have a chuckle at (whilst still of course fitting in with your room scheme). Whether you love or hate her, Kim K's 'Selfish' makes a great book as it's just filled with endless selfies of  Kim K. Perfect for guest reading as no one wants to get bogged down with heavy writing so it's fab for just flicking through the pics. Plus I love looking through now and again for some selfie inspiration (excluding the black pages, aint nobody got time for me taking pictures like that). My second book is 'Choupette, the private life of a high flying fashion cat'. I adore Karl Lagerfeld so of course I wanted to read about the luxurious lifestyle of his pet cat, Choupette. Plus who doesn't love the name of this book, it's fantastic. 

Taking a great shelfie

Last up in this room is our little picture ledge which was yet another great purchase from IKEA. For the very budget friendly price of £8.50, what I love most about this item is how useful it is. Great for displaying pictures yet it still has enough width to hold other items to add a little extra pizazz to your display. In light of trying to reflect both our personalities in the room we decided to add some great Twin Peaks merch to the shelf, a programme we both love. Plus of course plenty of plants and a splash of copper by means of a little plant holder for my cactus and this wire copper letter which I found in Hobbycraft for just £3! Also this framed wifi name and password peice was something I made myself using Picmonkey. So easy to do, it's just a matter of choosing a nice font and putting it together.

As you can tell we still have a few things to work on such as a fair bit of wire/cable tidying. We recently had a big shift around with this room after taking down all our Christmas decs which meant rearranging our power points for the TV and adding in a huge extension cable. However this post is by no means a 'look at my perfectly polished living room' more of just an insight into how we put our living together in our first home. I hope you enjoyed getting to see how I like to style things and hopefully I might even have had some handy tips in there!


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