Thursday, 9 February 2017

Happy February you saucey lot.

I'm back at it again with some beauty stuff, and by that I mean here's a beauty review because I haven't done one in yonks and it's well overdue. Today I will be talking about a collection that has been building in my beauty drawers for a long time and I can not stop buying from this brand. Of course you will know from the title I am talking about NYX and in particular their lip products! My love first began in December last year when at a beauty convention I stumbled upon the NYX stall. I bought a couple of the Lingeries as I'd heard many good things and plus the packaging is tres beaut and there began my obsession. After that I began dabbling in their other lips products and now I have a pretty strong collection I would say. So here's a few of my faves from the lot...

So I would have to say this is my favourite product compared to the rest as the formula is pretty damn good. The lipstick is very comfortable to wear and has zero crumble which for me is a must must must. They have a huge array of colours with this range and in fact one of the colours I chose 'soft spoken' was first premiered by the Olsen Twins at the 2015 Met Gala. So if it's good enough for MK & Ashley then I'm definitely a fan. The semi satin to matte dry finish is one of my favourite things about this product as it looks so good and lasts well throughout the day.

Next in my favourites are of course the Lingeries which is where my obsession first began. I had read a trillion blog posts on these little babies and people were raving about how good the colours were and showing off their killer swatches. If you are a nude/natural/brown lip colour lover then these are the one for you. With lots of sandy beige pinks and browns making up a big part of the collection this is definitely my go to range when it comes to lip colours. The one thing I found however with this product is that the formulas tend to vary throughout the different colours. With Beauty Mark the formula is quite thick and dries nicely however with Lace Detail it's much thinner, harder to apply and cracks easily across the lips. I tend to limit wearing this on a day-to-day basis as it can require upkeep sometimes however I do love the range of colours and I love the way it dries super matte.

Last up in my collection is one of the soft matte creams which is one of NYXs older ranges. Whilst browsing in Boots the other day I was on the hunt for a nice sandy beige nude as I think these are so great for wearing with your everyday makeup look. One of the adverts that hung in the shop was for the soft matte creams and showed off the beaut Jamie Genevieve in the exact kind of nude shade I was looking for, Yas! I was so excited to get home and try this however I was a tad disappointed in it, the bottle is pretty tiny and not much product seems to transfer over so you end up having to dip the applicator in a  few times. The formula does feel really nice and creamy exactly like its namesake and I love the colour so asides that one downfall I do really love this product too!

What do you guys think of NYX Lip Products, what are your favourites?

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