Friday, 31 March 2017

For the majority of my lifetime I would say I have really neglected to understand the importance of skin care and how your daily routines really can affect it. Now of course I know things like diet are a huge factor and I have always tried my best to maintain a good skincare routine but if I am truly honest with myself I have been slacking big time on this area of my life. Being blessed with Thai heritage has meant that my skin has always been quite clear which then meant I became rather lazy with really understanding the benefits of good skincare. Not until my later years when I began wearing makeup everyday and eating those naughty treats we all know we shouldn't did I begin to realise that I needed to counteract these habits if I didn't want to suffer from breakouts. One of my worst habits in fact is wearing too much heavy makeup whilst exercising. The heavy coverage I use for my foundations clogs up my pores meaning when I then sweat during exercise my skin is totally congested and over time I end up with several blackheads. So when Preen.Me got in touch about joining the #MyFaceMyStory experience with Dermalogica UK I knew this was something I had had had to do as my skin care routine needed a serious kick up the beehind 🐝. The first step involved heading to my nearest beauty salon to receive a Dermalogica Face Mapping® Skin Analysis which is a free service. I received a prescription sheet from the salon which simply outlined what areas of my face needed tending too and what products will help and I then forwarded this on to Preen.Me. Within a matter of days I then received the suggested products ready for me to put to the test! From my skin analysis it was easy to see that I suffered from blackheads and breakouts particularly around my chin area. To help combat this one of the products I received was the Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier which targets troublesome areas and reduces congestion. This is definitely something I am excited to see what results I get with as I mentioned above I definitely think congestion is something I have trouble with. So now it's time to test each product over the next few weeks and see how well I get on. There will definitely be a very in depth review to watch out for!

Does anyone else use Dermalogica for their skincare, what are your thoughts?



*This post contains PR Gift/Samples however all opinions are my own

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