Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Before entering into my mid twenties I would say perhaps the boldest style statement I ever made was having red highlights in my hair during Year 10 of school. Or maybe that phase I went through in 2010 of wearing very floral lace tights with every outfit. Apart from these fabulous phases in my life, I haven't really stepped much out of my fashion comfort zone however.


Truth is though it's not that I didn't want to buy that skin tight catsuit I spied in Topshop or that very VERY bold print shirt I almost popped in my basket at Zara. I was just not sure I believed I could pull it off. There was a slight tingle of nerves inside of me thinking perhaps people would stare at my slightly bold outfit choice. However how naive I was back then to think all this in the first place. One thing I have learnt, this year in particular, is that Fashion is an art. 

Whilst watching the fascinating documentary style film, The Last Monday in May I was so intrigued to listen to Anna Wintour and other fashion experts discuss the concept of whether fashion should be allowed to be defined as an art. Which got me thinking what I thought on the matter. Truth is I completely agree that it is, because fashion is not only visual and expressive but it's also a way of conveying your character. If you see an item you love, no matter how bold it is, how bright it's colour may be. If you picked it up in the first place it's because you liked it and if you like it why shouldn't you wear it? This item is a reflection of you, because what you like is who you are. And god damn gurl isn't it fun to show off the very best of you

So here's to stepping into Spring with a new attitude in mind to go ahead and buy those clothes I never thought about wearing before because if I like it in the first place then what's stopping me from wearing it? Like this bright mustard sweater I picked up or my new purple hair? Can you believe that this is the first yellow item of clothing I have ever owned? Here's to lots more bold additions to the wardrobe in 2017!


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