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I thought I would whip together a quick post today on something that is equally just as quick to make! A tasty green juice which can be simply made by just finding leftovers in your fridge and fruit basket. I ashamedly had to admit to myself that recently I have been letting my diet get a bit out of hand with constant snacking and love of junky processed foods. I am definitely not one to preach about eating clean and diet diet diets however I do know when I start to take the piss with eating too much crap!! So with Saturday nights Kebab sitting heavy in my stomach (oops) I rooted through my fridge the next day to see if I could whip up a nice juice to have alongside my breakfast.

I often find when you buy fresh fruit and veg that most of the time I don't use it all up in one go and once it sits in the fridge for a little while it can certainly start to wilt, lack lustre and up going off. So not only is this a great way of making yourself a healthy juice to start the day with but it's so good for helping reduce a lot of food wastage in your fridge. Anyway enough chit chat, find what ingredients I used for this juice below...


Once I found the ingredients I wanted to use the preparation took no time at all. I just sliced up the fruit and veg and threw it all into my blender. Things like Melon and Broccoli florets can be quite bulky so save yourself some space by sliding the cucumber slices down the sides!

The last step is to just add some water. Grab yourself a measuring jug and add half a litre of water into your blender to then create that liquid substance we are after to make the green juice. Once you've done this then you are free to blend blend blend away. All the above ingredients are optional to your taste of course so if you do decide to include the Broccoli I tend to give the juice a bit more time in the blender as the texture of Broccoli is quite rough and takes time to breakdown. Once you are happy it's all blended then you have two options: drink it as a thick smoothie if you have managed to get it down to smooth thick substance. If not however then just empty the blender into a sieve and pour that healthy ass green juice into a glass. I definitely prefer the latter option as I am a no bits juice kinda gal!

So there you have it. A nice quick recipe that's great to kick start the day with plus it's filled with plenty of your five a day. It's a fab way of providing your body with those much need vitamins and minerals. Plus if you drink it in the morning on an empty stomach then it means your body can absorb those vitamins nice and quickly too. Make sure not too add too many fruits to your juice however as some fruits can be high in natural sugar! I chose an apple and some melon to add a bit more sweetness and flavour however my juice is primarily made up of veggies so that I won't end up with my energy levels being all over the shop.

Does anyone else love making fruit juices and smoothies? What are your favourite to make?

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