As April begins to set in and the weather is starting to nicely warm up, it dawned on me that these are going to be the last few months of being 25. It's a funny old age because not only is it the marker for a quarter of a century but also it seems to be seen as that little hurdle towards adulthood. I've always kind of viewed life with a complete disregard for ages, to me it has always been a figure but I do admit that as each year passes I am realising that my responsibilities are changing. 

I now live with my boyfriend and although we rent we do want to eventually buy which means saving for a deposit. Before that even happens we would also like to travel America and in fact have already started planning our 3 month trip starting from San Francisco to finish in Miami. Though these are exciting times ahead it does mean my frivolous spending needs to come to a stop (wipes away small tear) and now it's time to get my adulting head on. 

So with these final months drawing in I have decided to make the most of my inner wild child and enjoy these sacred moments of being 25 with some things I have never done before. Not that once you pass this age you have to be boring and old but for me I need to definitely start seriously thinking about saving for my future goals and this means cutting down on needless expenditures. So here are a few of my plans in my countdown to 26...


It has been a very long time since I enjoyed a city break anywhere, so this was something long overdue. In fact I am a little late in writing up this post so it was actually just this weekend gone that Ollie and I ventured over to Dublin to see some Irish magic as neither of us have been here before. I got this trip as a Christmas present to Ollie and part of the trip was to watch some Premier League Darts. I have never really watched darts before but I have to say it wasn't half bad at all. The atmosphere was nothing like I had seen before people were dancing, jumping and singing it was such a laugh! You definitely don't need to know much about darts to have a good time. Plus seeing Dublin was lovely and we got to do lots of little tours like the Guinness storehouse so I'll definitely have to do a separate post on our adventures!

I actually used to live in the Lake District and spent most of my childhood here so mountains and lakes is something I am definitely used to. However I have never been to the Peak District before so this will be a first. Plus I am going with people from work which is a whole new thing as I've never been on a trip away with work Colleagues before. The plan is to stay in some old converted stables and enjoy some mountain walking and old english pubs! Canne wait!

So although I have been to weddings before they have all been when I was around the age of 6 and therefore I really don't have much recollection. This year however I get the pleasure of seeing one my good friends get married and she is the first out of my friends to get engaged so it's a totally new experience. Plus it's a sign that we are entering new chapters in our lives - I remember the days that she and I used to sneak Alcohol into our college summer balls and now she's getting married! How time flies! It's in June, a lovely Summer wedding so I hope the weather is gorgeous for them!

Last but not least is possibly one of the most exciting events leading up to my birthday - GLASTOO. I have been dying to go to Glastonbury since forever and a day and I am so chuffed this year that my friends and I got tickets. I am slightly worried my body might not be able to handle 4 days drinking on the trot BUT I will give it everything I've got haha. Sadly I am not as hard as my uni days...




Has anyone else got any exciting plans/trips/festivals for this year? Let me know below 👇☺

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