Thursday, 3 August 2017


Howdy hun buns 🐰

So here I am writing to you from the new ripe old age of twenty-six. That's right. I've aged another year.

I want to keep this post short and sweet really so I won't delve too much into things. Every year goes by quicker and it makes you realise how precious time can be. I spend my Monday's at work wishing the weekend would come & before I know it Saturday is here and then it's over again way to quick. It's a vicious cycle of time just flying by.

So I am really keen to buckle down and start making the most of life. Such a cliche thing to write post turning twenty six but hey - it's true! Life is way to short to spend it wishing you did this and that. And that is something I am very guilty of. So here's to doing more things I love and definitely spending a lot less time procrastinating in life. In light of this I have compiled  a list of things I am planning/want to do this year:


So this is something I have actually done twice before BUT it's because if you haven't guessed it. I am half Thai. My mum recently moved back out there last year which means that if I want to see my Mumma I have to take a 12 hour flight. It doesn't happen often this girl aint made of money -the times I have been before have been on family holidays. Now though I am saving up to visit there this October so I can see my lovely mother and also take Ollie there too for his first trip to Thailand. We plan to stay in Bangkok for a few nights then up to Chang Mai and then finally end the trip in Phuket. Fingers crossed the rainy season has come to near end by then! Has anyone else been to Thailand? I would be up for some recommendations for must places to visit.


This year I am definitely embracing seeing more concerts and this is starting with Neil Diamond. Some people are probably like whaaaat who's that lol but I am not even ashamed of my love of ND. He is a true legend and has many many amazing songs. Plus I have a deep sentimental attachment to Neil as I grew up listening to him thanks to my Dad.
My Dad and I always wanted to go see Neil live in concert together however very suddenly my wonderful best friend of a father passed away a few years back and I never got this chance. So I am definitely making this year about seeing a lot of people I adore live - starting with Neil Diamond! Hoping Lana Del Ray might make it on to the list this year too. She's a must!


About a year or so ago my best friend moved to Prague. We hadn't seen much of each other before she left as I had moved to Ipswich and she lived in London. However once we then began living in two different countries, I realised how important it was to make sure I could see her when I can. So this year I am aiming to visit Prague as I've never been but am desperate to anyway as it looks really beautiful! Plus going at Christmas time I imagine would be lovely as they have Christmas markets there and I am loving the idea of wrapping up warm and drinking plenty of mulled wine. 


Speaking of visiting Prague this year, there are also lots more cities I would love to visit. A couple of months back Ollie and I went to Dublin for the first time which was amazing and pretty budget friendly too. In fact with most European countries being quite cheap to fly to (cheers Ryanair) I have realised I really don't have an excuse to not visit more places. Plus I personally don't insist on 5 star accommodation and would much rather stay in a budget hotel and use my money to do/see lots of things instead - so city breaks would be quite affordable all in all (hopefully). On the list would definitely have to be Barcelona, Lisbon and Rome.


Over the past year I have made some really lovely friends in the blogging community. 
However being friends over the internet can be so limiting to how far your relationship can really go. So I am definitely going to make more effort to meet up with people I have formed lovely blogging relationships with. Plus how nice is it to be able to hang out with people who have the same passions as you. My first hang out is actually going to be at the end of this month and we are planning on going to Peggy Porschen's. YES to all the cakes and cute pics!


I started a little side part to my blog called 'discovering Suffolk' a little while ago however being the useless sod that I am - I have only managed to write one post. It's been a busy time recently and the one week we managed to call our British summer went by way to fast to fit in visiting many places. However I think it's always nice to try and explore as much of where you live as you can. There are always hidden gems to be discovered and more often than none it doesn't cost too much to take a drive somewhere and walk around. Definitely better than sitting and doing nothing ay. 


What would you guys like to do this year. Let me know in the comments below! 👇😊

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